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"Quantec support through Corin was incredible. When I first came to her I had suffered from a year of terrible sleep. You know how awful this can make you feel. After the first session, I slept! I have more stability and inner peace. Quantec support makes life a lot more relaxed and enjoyable."

-Isa H., Germany

"I am no longer the person I once was. It’s was a remarkable experience to work with Corin.  My life is much fuller. Professionally I have been able to take a new path, one that I have desired.  The Quantec work with Corin is extraordinary, it changed my life!"

-Heike F., Germany

"There are wonderful coincidences in life and you are one of those dear Corin! I was not clear about what I needed, but I was ready to jump in with full trust. Your help and guidance to implement easy daily tools and uplift my spirit so I could take action in life again have been life-changing. I have become such an easy flowing and a positive person who can simply accept happiness and also take care of the little things in life."

-Christine M., Holistic Coach Austria

"I’ve been working with Corin since I met her in May 2018 I had been in business for over 14 years as a Massage Therapist and I needed to optimize my customer base. I was also getting a divorce and needed to maximize my income.
Corin has coached me through the steps. She is understanding, patient and very detailed. She is quick to respond and has been there for my physical mental and emotional challenges. Since the fall of 2018, my customer base has increased significantly, with the customers I have desired. I have quit my part-time job in Switzerland in order to have enough time for my clients. I highly recommend working with Corin."

-Doris B. Massage Therapist, Austria

"Because of my work with Corin, I was able to let go of old family stories around money and freedom. I feel more valuable, healthier and more powerful than ever. I've doubled my income goals, I now only work 4 hours a day and love what I do. And what can I say it works! This year alone since working with Corin I have already taken a few vacations and enjoy my life to the fullest and all this is great fun for me!!"

-Gitti B. Beauty & Holistic Therapist, Austria

"My journey with Corin has been amazing, insightful and very worthwhile. When I began with her I was at a standstill with my chronic health issues after several years of trying to solve them. After just a couple of months, my body was in a totally different mode and ready for healing. Her guidance and insight around my health steps have been pivotal in the improvements I’m enjoying and continue to build on. In terms of my business, my offerings and how I work with my clients has shifted dramatically and I’m loving this new direction."

-Karen R., Business Coach, New Zealand

"I highly recommend working with Corin if you feel stuck in your practice or your life. Corin is one of the most amazing, kind, knowledgeable and healing women that I have had the opportunity to work with. When I had my first phone consultation with her, I cried because I felt like she understood my frustration with my life and my practice. I also felt that she could help me. After that phone call, I decided to work with her. A month later, I reached my client goal for the month. I have been in practice for 2 years and have never reached my goal. Corin has been invaluable in my growth at this time. I highly recommend working with her if you feel stuck in your practice or your life. She is wonderful, and in my case, a necessary support."

- Shannon P. DOM, L.Ac., CMTA New Mexico Santa Fe

"I believe Corin has something truly original and profound to offer with her business constellation sessions. If you want to reconnect with (and listen to) your soul calling then this is a session you don’t want to miss. Where else can you find a fast track to the thing you are here to do most. With this session, you will tune into what your ideal clients need from you most, ditch everything that doesn't align or serve you anymore and with that elevate your wealth and wellbeing. Corin is very knowledgeable and a very pleasant person to work with. She has a unique way to help you access and recognize your soul work. It’s like magic!"

-Marielle H., Sydney Australia

I don’t think I could ever recommend working with Corin highly enough!! I was concerned that the time zone difference would be a challenge as I am in the US and you have made it work I don’t know how it is to work with you in person but working with you this way over zoom has been an amazing experience and I could not recommend Corin highly enough to anyone that wants to do any of this work!

- Carrie K., Soft Skill Trainer and Angel card reader, Connecticut USA