You are meant  

 to be here.  

I mean both on this webpage and on this planet.

You have work to do, a purpose to embody, a path to pave.

Your dreams are not too big; they’re just asking you to expand.

Right now, you’re approaching a new beginning.


After months or years of feeling stuck, the time has finally come to take the lessons you've learnt and leave the rest.

The time has come for you to become more of  YOU.


It's time to

Shift relationships that are draining all of your energy

Reconnect with yourself and your desires, finally feeling home in your life and body

Take back your voice so you can be heard

Embrace your intuition and grow it with leaps and bounds so it can serve you

Your deep desire to be your most vibrant self

is about to be realized.

First, we’re going to release what’s no longer serving you. Then, we get to play in creation. Through this

proven process, I’ll support you to be fully empowered to shine your light brightly and reap the rewards.


"There are wonderful coincidences in life and you are one of those dear Corin! I was not clear about what I needed, but I was ready to jump in with full trust. Your help and guidance to implement easy daily tools and uplift my spirit so I could take action in life again have been life-changing. I have become such an easy flowing and a positive person who can simply accept happiness and also take care of the little things in life."

-Christine M., Holistic Coach, Austria

Becoming You is a 7-month program that includes:

13 x 60-min coaching sessions,

where we’ll deep dive to get to the heart of exactly what’s going on (all sessions are recorded so you can listen to them again later)

2 x Wellbeing blueprint assessments

to energetically go through all the layers you've accumulated and assess where your body and mind need support. So you can reconnect to your true self and find balance.

4 x 15-min power support coaching sessions

that you can reach out and schedule whenever you need them!

3 x Quantec Assessment & Support.

These are incredible and I couldn't recommend more.

Access to 4 Video Modules to learn all about:

- How to reignite your intuitive power
- The REAL, vibrant you,
- The myth of time
- How to connect to your body wisdom extender.

Email support

so you’r never left hanging when you need to process something.

Want to learn more?

I don’t think I could ever recommend working with Corin highly enough!! I was concerned that the time zone difference would be a challenge as I am in the US and you have made it work I don’t know how it is to work with you in person but working with you this way over zoom has been an amazing experience and I could not recommend you highly enough to anyone that wants to do any of this work!

- Carrie K., Soft Skill Trainer and Angel card reader, Connecticut USA