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The Empathic Mastery Podcast with Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore, author, mentor, healer, and program leader for highly sensitive, empathic women, interviewed Corin Hinderegger on her hit podcast, The Empathic Mastery

Corin spoke about the distinction between detecting what's wrong and offering solutions. She shares her story of going from overwork & burn-out to abundance & wellbeing.

Corin also delivers the vital message: "We need to slow down in order to expand." Stop hustling at the expense of health & happiness. Life is best when we relax & show up as our true selves.

Then Corin leads an exercise to explore our connection to abundance and we complete the show by tapping on feeling safe to show up fully as ourselves.


The Alchemical Soul Business Summit

Corin Hinderegger was featured as a guest expert on The Alchemical Soul Business Summit.

When you listen to your body wisdom, you’ll be able to create a fully aligned life and business with the abundance you desire.


Tiny Leaps, Big Changes Blog

Corin joins Gregg Clunis on Tiny Leaps to talk about her story about burnout and shares advice on how to approach business with a slower pace.


It's about how to shift into a healthier, more sustainable way of living life and working with more alignment.


Venus Warriors Podcast

Corin Hinderegger was featured on the Venus Warriors Podcast with Liz Lima, an empowerment podcast for women. She shared how to combine health and wealth, with the importance of reconnecting to your body.

Corin is a huge advocate and believer that wealth and health go hand in hand. She shared the differences between the past communication systems and today's, and how much has changed and improved with time.


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Corin`s bio

Named by Margaret Lynch and Sam Ovens as recognized as a leader in creating health and wealth, Corin’s mission is to help female entrepreneurs discover their true gifts, so they can create a sustainable business and fully aligned life.


She’s the founder of Body-Mind-Money-Mirror and works on a soul level to create lasting change. Corin has guided hundreds of women around the world as a Transformative Coach and Medical Intuitive to create fully aligned services—only do work they love, and double their income while working less. “Health and wealth go hand in hand” is her core philosophy.


Corin is from Austria and now lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband and 3 boys. The wisdom of her beloved horses and dog are her greatest teachers. She enjoys having the flexibility to work with clients around the world with innovative, in-depth, and life-changing programs.


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