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Wondering if You Have a Problem with Your Beliefs?


Your belief systems create your reality.


A belief is how you perceive things as true or false. In short it is your identity, and it’s why things are or aren’t working for you.


We identify with certain groups like family, religion, school. If your parents believe they have to work hard for money, usually you adopt the same belief. It’s not your fault. It’s just an old program you’re running. You believe money acts a certain way. If you struggle financially like your family did, you're probably not 100% aware that you have the same money beliefs.


More often than not your beliefs keep you stuck in old patterns. It’s like going round in circles. You fight it, try hard to break free, and seem to still land at the same spot where you started. Maybe you feel broken.


Let me be clear. You are OK, you are not broken!

Our core beliefs form in the first 6 to 8 years of our lives. How your parents or caregivers lived their lives and spoke about money was passed onto you. Their beliefs become your beliefs. From there on, it’s like a snowball that rolled down a mountain and got bigger and bigger over time. When you believe you have to work hard for money, then you collect experiences to prove your point, and this shows in all aspects of your life, not just money.


The good news is you can rewire *NEW* money beliefs THAT STICK.


Whatever your story might be. Not finding the right partner, feeling lost. Always worrying about running out of money or even literally running out of money over and over. No matter how hard you try to change your life, nothing works. And, it’s painful.


Don’t even get me started on how this affects your body. All the cortisol flashes. The stress and worry of not feeling good enough. It’s the worst thing that can happen to your physical body no matter how much you try to take care of yourself, the sabotage pattern will show up in one symptom or another. Feeling empty, tired, depleted are on the top of the iceberg.


If you don’t change now, you probably won't ever change. When you address your current belief system and create a new one, you’ll clear up stuck energy, and bring in the vibrant health and wealth you want.


I am here for you.

Start by doing a Body Scan every morning and with eyes closed, ask your body what it needs to feel great. Go and do this now!

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It’s time to FINALLY break through the belief system that has kept you stuck.


Your money story is going to change. You don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck anymore.


When you choose to give up the old money stories you’ve been lugging around for years, infinite possibilities open up for you.


You make the decision, which is very emotional, to pack up your entire life of beliefs, and kiss them goodbye. As your body relaxes into a new space. One where it’s safe to put down the baggage of “I’m not good enough. I can’t do this alone. I’m afraid of getting burned by another coach, so I’ll stay stuck.” Things start to shift.


You say goodbye to your Mom and Dad’s belief that you have to work hard for money.


You give up every ounce of who you were that no longer serves you and take on the role of conscious curiosity.


You may feel scrutinized by friends and family for your new choices. Their words will be hard to hear. Yet this has nothing to do with you and is all about them. As they get uncomfortable facing what they could change too and don't have the will to do so yet. You don’t want to let them down or make them feel bad when you excel. Yet, you can’t bear to repeat the same patterns in 2020.


You choose to plant seeds of new beliefs at a cellular level. It will feel uncomfortable here and there through the expansion which is normal, and losing friends along the way too. Yet keep in mind as you uplevel, new more aligned people will drop into your life that resonate much more with you. Personal growth isn’t easy, yet it’s worth it.


All to become your next best self.


When you fully transform, you won’t bat an eyelash over everything you gave up. Your old friends. Your old jobs. Your old clothes. That’s okay, they’re not in alignment with where you’re going.


One day your whole world will change. You’ll feel safe in your body. You’ll feel safe managing your health, going the extra mile, because you deserve it. You’ll feel secure with your finances as you learn new ways of being.


You’re a grown woman, capable of making your own choices. This will either inspire you or annoy you. You decide.


I can help you shake things up in a good way. When you discover what your personal belief system truly is, you get to rewire it, and attract everything you want (without working hard).


Check out my program the Body-Mind-Money-Mirror. It will help you feel excited about your true calling. When you do the work, you will break free from feeling exhausted, break free from your income glass ceiling, and for the first time feel more energy to do what you love.



This 1:1 work is looking like it'll be the last live one before the group program starts.


Want to learn more? Get a feel for what's included, and when you're feeling ready, book a Heart-to-Heart Call with me.


You have a purpose and it’s your time to live it.


Questions? Please email me.



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