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When You Heal These 3 Chakras, You Transform Your Life and Money Will Stick to You Like Glue


Have you ever been in a fight with your finances and have a fall to your knees moment when you realize that you’ve been stuck in a never ending feast or famine cycle over and over and over again? You’ll do ANYTHING to make it STOP!


I’ve been there. You’re not alone here.


I’ll share that I used to work day and night to get my business off the ground. I burned out so badly, I was unable to care for my family in a way that was in alignment with me. Let alone myself. And, money dried up to the point that I knew I had to make a change.


After learning how the chakra system worked and healing them one at a time, I was able to go from a negative bank balance to hiring a team. I wouldn’t have the profitable business I have today without doing chakra work and I can’t wait for you to learn what each one means and how you can take one step forward to balance that energy center. Read on and let me know which part resonated with you most deeply.


Allow me to shine some light on one of the biggest blocks to health and wealth — your unresolved chakra system. Money can trigger old wounds, old stories, and be a big pain point. When you have unhealed trauma or unhealthy patterns that need to be addressed, it usually shows up in your relationship with money and to be frank honestly all aspects of your life.  


Our happiness, health and wealth set points typically reflect what your family and ancestors thought about money and how to live life. Therefore, we MUST open up and heal our chakras (especially the first three) in order to be fully abundant. As a result, people ask how to pay you, you receive referrals, and life changing opportunities.


When you understand your chakra system, you can easily make the connection of why things aren’t working in your life, so you can activate your personal power with simple shifts.

I want to note:

If you keep repeating I AM WEALTHY affirmations, drinking celery juice, and doing yoga–they feel good in the moment, but you won’t see the financial results you’d like. This is called spiritual bypassing, which is a defense mechanism that shields you from the truth that you have some deep work to do in order to be abundant. It’s like checking out, instead of checking in.



You must journey deep within each chakra and remove the blocks to make real progress in this area of your life. Onto the good stuff - a heart-centered guide on how you can start to support your chakras in everyday life!


1ST CHAKRA - This chakra is located at your tailbone and represents how safe you feel in the physical world. That can look like having contracts in place to set good boundaries and feeling happy in your home. If your home is always messy, or if you don't look at your #'s and have no clue of what's going on financially, then you're NOT feeling safe in the physical world. Here’s what to do about it:

- Put a box at the front door. When you find something in the house that you don't need, put it in the donation box and get rid of it. When it’s full, donate all the stuff.

- Start having regular Money Dates. Every Friday, I buy fresh flowers and a spicy chai latte. Two things that bring me so much joy in my heart. When I get back to my office, I turn on nice music, light a candle, and create a ceremony to celebrate my numbers. When I approach bookkeeping in a loving and caring way, the easier it gets for me.

- Have good contracts in place to note what you’ll be doing and set clear healthy boundaries.


2ND CHAKRA - This chakra is located at your pelvic center just underneath your navel and relates to your sexual and creative power. When this chakra is balanced, you feel abundance, pleasure, and joy. You’re able to set healthy boundaries without getting angry. Sometimes we have a hard time standing up for yourself, because it feels rude and we don't do that. Also if you never feel angry or feel like you just don’t do anger, there's a huge chance that you bottle it all up and never live it. As long as you're stuck in this, it's so hard for you to draw in and attract what you truly love as you don't allow yourself to deserve.

If you want to make a change in your finances, you have to let go of anger in a healthy way and NOT keep it stuck inside of us as this creates dis-ease in the body. It’s important to learn to say no and set boundaries with grace, as well as, cut off things that you don't like. It can be very hard for us to do this work, because anger can be tricky. You don’t want to hate on anyone or get so mad, you throw dishes, or snap at your partner. Here’s what to do about it.

- Try the Kundalini Yoga Fists of Anger Exercise to help you get rid of steam, so you can set good boundaries. When I do this, I'm a lot calmer and patient with my kids. If we have a lot of anger locked up in our body, we snap at our partner or are impatient with our kids. We often over react and make things a much bigger deal than they are. Go kickboxing. Find a safe activity to be able to let it go. Anger is never totally gone. It's the fire that we need under our butt to get things done. We need anger to feel healthy and vibrant. You don't have to yell or kill someone for it. You can just say, "no, that's enough." People who bottle up their anger, they're often tired or feel fatigued.


3RD CHAKRA - The third chakra is located above the navel area where the solar plexus is and relates to self esteem and power of transformation. Who are you really? If this chakra is out of balance, people aren’t sure about what they want to do and often feel lost. They're always searching for something. They have a lot of opinions and try to convince someone to have the same opinion as them. When this chakra is balanced, you’re not pushing your views on others. It's an allowance to be your true self. In order to do that, we have to accept others for who they really are. Here’s how to balance this energy center:

- I recommend tapping when we feel like no one is listening. Release the fear that you’re not important. It's okay for others to be who they are, AND it’s okay for me to be who I am.


4TH CHAKRA - The fourth chakra or the heart chakra is located at the heart. It’s where the physical and spiritual worlds meet since it’s in the middle of all 7 chakras.

It's all about compassion for ourselves. We often take care of our family and to live a balanced life of giving and receiving, we have to have compassion for our own needs. What to do about it:

- Ask yourself in the morning before you get out of bed, “What do I need today to feel amazing?” Be still, listen to the first thing that comes up, and do it

- Put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you put them on others. When you tend to your own needs, you have more energy to help your family, and business grow.


5TH CHAKRA - The fifth chakra is located in your throat and governs communication. It's about being able to speak your truth. We ALWAYS need the energy from the 3rd chakra (I AM statements) in order to express ourselves and what we believe fully. How can you speak your truth if you don't know who you are? You're choking on your words, you have to swallow a lot. For example, if I start to speak in front of a group, and haven't connected to myself, then all of a sudden, I can’t speak my truth. When you've worked on your lower chakras, then you can speak your truth as  it's strongly connected to the 3rd chakra. How to open up this chakra:

- Connect to the 3rd chakra and breath into it.

- Always check in with yourself before you speak if it is really your truth or someone else's you’re about to say?


6TH CHAKRA - The sixth chakra is located at your third eye, or the space between your eyebrows. It's all about intuition, which comes from within your body. It’s the one I least focus on with my clients. How to balance this energy center:

- When you've addressed the lower chakras (first 3-5 chakras), then you can unlock the upper chakras. They take care of themselves, because they have the energy they need to get going.


7TH CHAKRA - Find your seventh chakra at the top of your head. When you’re really connected to your crown chakra, you can be very airy fairy. You may do all the right mindset stuff, and if we look at your business or numbers, something’s missing. You’re unable to live the life that you desire. You may experience headaches or migraines if you don’t balance this wheel of energy. Here’s what I suggest:

- Ground yourself through a body scan or meditation. When you’re grounded, you’re connected to what you believe is your highest good. As well as, you're embodied, which helps you to receive and be guided at the same time.


It’s best to start with the 1st chakra and address each one as you work your way up. Some of my clients get stuck on the 2 or 3rd chakra. Sometimes they get STUCK on a different chakra, and want to skip it. I don’t mind sharing that you can skip one chakra and work your way up, then go back to the tough one. I'd rather you address them this way, so you keep moving forward with your chakra work. All of us that have one chakra that’s a bit hard. It's very crucial work to do to address them all, which is connected to Reclaiming Your True Vibrant Self.


As you face new challenges, you’ll notice which chakra is out of whack, so you can go within and take responsibility for your wellbeing. When you feel emotionally exhausted, one of your chakras is begging you for some attention. It’s a calling to rise up in your power and create lasting transformation.


Over to you: what part of this blog resonated deeply for you? Email me. Look forward to your thoughts!



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