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What is EFT? How Tapping Can Increase Your Income

After watching this video on EFT, you’ll be tapping your money worries away! Whether you’re worried about your finances, stressed from a health challenge, or just feel stuck in your business, EFT can improve your situation, along with your income. This video is a must watch.

In the video, I explain what EFT is, and do a tapping demo on money stress. If you don’t have financial issues, you can still tap along with me.

What is EFT?

EFT is known worldwide as Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping. Simply put, EFT frees you from negative emotions.

When we focus on a stressor or a traumatic event, while tapping and reading a script out loud, we activate the amygdala. It’s responsible for the fight and flight, or freeze reaction, located in the temporal lobes of the brain.

You can’t just tap randomly on your elbow in order for EFT to be effective. You’ll tap through specific meridian points where energy flows inside the body. Negative emotions are felt at these points.

When you tap on them, science shows, that you send a calming message to the brain, which tells the nervous system to relax. There’s no lion chasing you. No one is robbing your children or bank account. It’s going to be OK, no matter what you’re worried about.

Here's a list of the points on the body that you'll be tapping on. You can tap along in this order:

1) Top of the Head

2) Inside of the Eyebrow

3) Side of the Eye

4) Under the Eye

5) Under the Nose

6) Chin

7) Collarbone

8) Under the Arm

9) The Hand or Karate Chop Point

The image below shows you the tapping points more clearly:

How EFT Can Improve Your Income

When you feel stressed or nervous about something, your bodily systems are all over the place. You’re unbalanced. You’re focused on the negative.

When you’re still triggered by unpleasant past experiences or stressed about anything (money in particular), it’s very hard to create a steady stream of abundance. Money is energy. When you’re worried, your energy is low, which prevents you from creating wealth.

I invite you to do a tapping round with me to help you ease some of the tension in your body and create more ease and flow in your life. Watch the video and fast forward to [6:28].

To improve your finances, you’ll first need to address the imbalance in your body. Think of EFT like getting a massage during talk therapy. If you’re angry, tap on it. If you’re upset, tap on it. If you’re stressed, tap on it. Personally, EFT has cleared up a lot of stress for me. It’ll do the same for you. It just takes practice.

To get you started, here's a Tapping Script to clear any Negative Thoughts About Money.


P.S. Over to you! What’s one takeaway you got from the video? Send me a heart-to-heart note.

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