Video: My 2019 in Review - Corin

Video: My 2019 in Review


Here we are.


We're in the final moments of 2019. ✨🐴✨


I imagine you've had some amazing and eye opening things happen in the past 12 months. Maybe you want to fast forward to 2020 already, so you can start fresh. First of all, I understand how you feel. Secondly, try not to.


Instead take time to look back on how your year unfolded. Lessons to honor and accomplishments to celebrate. It's all there in your calendar (or journal) — waiting for your acknowledgement.


In this video, I'm sharing an easy way to reflect on your year, so you can wrap it up with peace in your heart. Watch below.



After you watch the video, get a head start on 2020 by letting me know:


  • One thing that you're really proud of from 2019


Come reflect with me on and we'll celebrate.


They say that life can be best understood when we look backwards.





P.S. This is a good video to share with friends, so you can have more meaningful conversations and deepen your connection.

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