Personal share - my greatest money challenges - Corin

Personal share - my greatest money challenges


Can I get personal with you? It used to take me two weeks to be able to look at my finances. I disliked it with a passion. The thought of logging into my bank accounts filled me with so much anxiety—my stomach was in knots and my palms would get all sweaty. This was my body’s way of keeping me safe by triggering my nervous system to think, I wasn't good at managing my money, so why bother looking at it.

Here’s the catch: as long as you’re not able to look at your numbers, you’re energetically pushing away potential income as that would mean you have to do more of the things you resent.

I knew in order for me to grow financially, I had to start looking at my money (no matter how scary it felt!), and if I’m honest with you, it was dreadful for me. I had to find a way to get more comfortable around money and not keep my head in the sand, forever. I checked in with myself and asked, “how can I make looking at my finances feel more safe?”


Immediately my body wisdom spoke up! It said loud and clear: make your office space more enjoyable, so it feels safe to look at your numbers. They’re just numbers. Don’t let them have so much power over you, Corin!


I sat with this for a moment and imagined how much easier it would feel to witness money if I made some simple changes. I could play soft music to relax my mind. Looking at fresh flowers next to my computer always cheers me up. Sipping on my favorite, spicy chai latte makes me feel so warm inside and happy. That would certainly make my body unwind a bit more, so I could exhale the stress over finances, and build up the courage to look at my numbers on a regular basis.


But there was more to uncover, a deep, inner part of me really felt the push to transform my money story. As I listened closely to my body wisdom and made the outer changes that got me ready to look at my numbers, I also went onto an inner journey of self-discovery. I noticed a pattern, every time in my life when money flew in abundantly, I felt amazing in my body and mind too, or better said - every time I felt amazing in my body and mind, money just flowed in abundantly. Every time my physical and mental body took a toll, it showed up in my money, too. Meaning when I didn’t feel well, money didn’t show up for me.


This got me curious and as I reflected on my business, I could see the pattern in it, too. Our businesses are just extensions of ourselves. You can build or crave to build the most amazing business, but as long as you carry around your money stories and don’t feel good in your body and mind, it’ll ll keep you stuck. I have witnessed it over and over with myself and my clients. And as I transformed my inner world, my outer changed to match it.


That’s just what I did. I followed my body wisdom without hesitation. Let me tell you, it made reviewing my numbers so much easier to the point where now, I actually get excited to run a PayPal and Stripe report and track my figures in Xero. I had to take the blinders off and squint my eyes open enough to peek at what’s really going on in my bank accounts. When I stretched myself out of my comfort zone little by little, I created a habit to review my numbers weekly without fear. You can do this, too, below I share how.

Let's Reframe This!

Looking at your numbers gives you power, because whatever you can track, you can change. Knowing what’s coming in and going out helps you plan for your next income goal. Awareness is key.


Sometimes you may be doing better than you thought. You just have to pause and pay attention.


Sometimes you may be doing a bit worse than you realized and even though it’s painful to see, lasting change starts with taking a quick peek at the statements. One minute becomes ten, and then you start your day checking your bank account when you check your email.


I know how scary this can be. Money is a very emotionally charged subject. It’s easy to base your worth on the amount of money you earn, and I want to remind you that who you are is more valuable than any number. Let me share common themes that pop up around looking at your money.


For my clients, fear can come up around finances if they grew up in a home where their Father handled all the bills. It makes them feel like they need someone else to figure out their finances, since that’s what their Mom did.


Fear around finances can come up if you’re going through a divorce, and your ex always ran the numbers. It’s normal for women to feel unsafe around money, because when they never had to pay attention to it, it can feel overwhelming to start. You may feel unsure, which is a good thing. It means you’re growing into the woman who’s secure in her finances, because she waters her own garden.


I notice when I ask my clients how they’d feel if they looked at their monthly income or expenses; their face turns red, or they back up, or cross their arms. They’re so afraid, their body puts up a barrier, and they start to convince themselves of all the reasons why they can’t do this. The more stressed you feel about finances, the more it won’t work out.


This calls for first chakra work, so you can feel safe in the physical world. If you’re not comfortable looking at your numbers, you don't feel safe in the physical world. Your First Chakra relates to all you can see and touch around you that makes you feel safe or unsafe. So, this is a crucial part of creating a life you truly love. Look around - are you living in a place you love? Is it tidy and are you surrounded with objects that bring you joy? How are your finances, are they in order or out of order? Do you have your contracts set, so they provide healthy boundaries? This are all First Chakra pieces you can do everyday to support your growth and life. Start building awareness about these and notice if they are in place or need more attention.


If you're not comfortable doing your books, you push away potential clients. Why? Because more clients means more bookkeeping. The belief that you can’t do this will always block you from receiving money. If you think you can't manage your finances, the Universe will prove to you that you can't.


If any of this resonates with you, it’s time to get a handle on your finances in a way that works for you. Reading this blog is no accident. You’re meant to hear this message, because you’re being called to rise up to sustainable success.  I understand the struggle you’re feeling. I hear you that it’s hard to look at your numbers. I see you taking two steps forward, and rising step-by-step, one-day-at-a-time into a woman who’s secure with her finances.


You don't have to be perfect at your finances. You need to start hire help (or ask a friend who’s good at numbers) to sit down with you to review your numbers, or set up comfortable setting and systems to look under the hood yourself. Break it down into steps and break it off one piece at a time.


If you’re feeling called to address this, don’t wait.


Firstly, do some tapping on the fear of looking at your finances to release stress, so you can feel more relaxed in your body. You can always email me if you need help with a script.


Secondly, make a conscious step to ask a bookkeeper to help you look at your income/expenses for one month. It could be a friend or partner you trust.


As people, we all have money challenges. Now, as women, they’re a different shade of green. We often internalize it about how we *should be* with money. Your goal is to stay present with your challenges and take the medicine you need to handle it, with acceptance and grace, so you can align with your highest good.


When you take ownership of your finances without making yourself wrong or bad, you become resilient and money flows to you in abundance. I invite you to join me for the Body-Mind-Money-Mirror. You can read about it here.


The world needs you to rise in your mind, body, and bank account, so you can have a positive impact you’ve always dreamed to have and support many on the way.


Love to you and your rising,


P.S. When you finally figure out what’s holding you back in your life, you can focus on building aligned offers, and scaling your business. This is how I can help you reach sustainable success. See you there.

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