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Nourishing Your New Best Self: A Life Journey


Are you feeding your old self or new best self? This is a question I love and ask my clients and myself all the time. It’s such an easy yet super powerful question.


When going through life, I believe we have the greatest impact if we consciously engage over and over with our values, which are here to create who we always meant to be.


Our true self, really coming home within is one way to go about this is to consciously feed this magical and soulful part of you. More so than ever, this is crucial to shining light and love into the world as we connect more and more with this true part of us.


For example, when you go shopping, do you ask yourself if the item or food you are about to consume is serving your old self or your new best self?

Are You Consumed by Quick Fixes?

It is so easy to consume fast food, fashion, and other accessible trends, to keep distracted from the void in our lives we feel when we are not home within. You may feel lost and always searching or chasing someone else's dreams and aspirations of success.


It’s not always popular or easy to say no to the things that are not in alignment with our true self and the wonderful person we love to grow into (and who we are meant to be all along).


To be honest, it can be ridiculously hard to say no to a quick fix especially when we are tired, stressed or sad from all that we see, and our nervous system is triggered yet asking yourself who this is serving, pause for a moment, sit down and listen to our body wisdom is a magical experience.


Right now, global consciousness is shifting, and you may feel more overwhelmed or burdened than usual. This puts you at a high risk of falling into the trap of looking for fast and easy comforts.


Instead, I invite you to stop scrolling through the newsfeed and start listening to what you really need at this moment instead of leaning on another short term fix. It is these small daily choices that can add up to a greater impact.

How to Enable Flow

I truly believe we need less distraction, more sleep, and a community that really gets us if we want to become our best selves. We are often surprised how much richer and more balanced we start to feel over time if we choose these genuine and heartfelt connections rather than the typical social band-aids.


I really invite you to play with this concept and see what changes in your life. I am confident that when you make this incredible, life-changing shift, you’ll be amazed at how much of the surplus stress and surface-level tension begins to leave your body.


We are human beings enduring a human experience. We are creatures of habits and there will be days that we just can’t seem to follow through with our intention to feed our new best self - and that's OK.


Simply tell yourself in a soft voice that tomorrow is a new day and the important thing is to do the best we can each day; and to show up, however that may look. Life is not about finding perfection. This only creates exhaustion. It is about the progress that creates flow; which is the gateway to living your best life.


If you are unsure of how to create flow that serves your true path, please visit me here to see how we can begin to craft your path together. I also welcome you to sign up for my newsletter for exclusive updates and tips from my soul practice.


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