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Honoring Ourselves (Even the Messy Parts)


Clients often ask me, “What’s your best advice to get in the flow, again?”


I smile when I hear this question since we need to look at more than one thing to create lasting change in our health and wealth. Sometimes people want the easiest thing to do first. The truth is — there are no shortcuts.


You have to do the deep inner work.


No matter what other coaches say on Facebook.


I’m not going to tell you that it’s easy to face what’s going on in your health or finances. A good place to start is by honoring where you are (even the messy parts).


Here’s the thing.


When you only try to think positively and act as if everything is always cheery and perfect, you’re only addressing one side of the coin.


The Law of Attraction and it’s Culprits


Personally, I always find the positive in everything. I believe in the law of attraction and all the amazing things that come with it, yet there’s a huge misunderstanding and even a dangerous misconception that many people try to live up to.


I’d like to share my point of view and help you use the law of attraction to your advantage, so you can create the life and business you desire.


Let me backup first. To grasp this fully, it’s crucial to understand that energy is always following energy.


So, if you think and act positively, something positive should happen, right? Well, it's only happening in theory.


The thing is, no matter how positively you act, behave, speak, or think — if your subconscious belief system doesn't believe any of this, it will resist and even put up a fight. So, your desired outcome usually won’t happen. Or, when it does happen, it doesn’t last.


Your subconscious beliefs strongly influence your manifestation power.


When you don’t address the messy parts in your subconscious mind, it will take you many decades to achieve what you want. Yet, if you’re willing to dig deeper and look into your subconscious programming, entanglements, and beliefs by honoring them and bringing awareness to them — then everything will change for the better. Only then can your energy flow and the law of attraction will work at it’s finest.


Honoring the messy parts is one big AH-HA after the other! It’s like building a sandcastle over a sewer grate. You’ll pile the sand with good intentions. Yet, it’ll keep falling through the grate, never creating a solid foundation (new subconscious programming is what’s missing). When you miss this part, you’ll spend year after year in the same spot. How frustrating!


There is another way.


When you look at your parents’ money beliefs and create new ones for yourself, you can count on a big upswing in your health and income.


Your system will feel lighter.


New ideas will come in.


That will lead to less stress and more income.


Whatever challenges life brings you is real. Whatever annoys you is an invitation to look deeper at parts of yourself that need attention and honoring. When you befriend them, you’ll have the emotional and mental space to create a business and live you love (without the headache of going backwards and forwards).


Been there, done that.


I’ve helped hundreds of women face their messy parts and clean up their act. The messages I receive are amazing. Here’s what a few clients had to say.


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Wishing you good health and unlimited wealth.





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