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Do You Need 6 or 7 Figures to Be Happy?


Over the past two years, I’ve been busy coaching many wonderful women on how to live their most impactful and aligned life. But it hasn’t always been this enjoyable or easy. No, I spent many years rebranding and working tirelessly to achieve my goals. I felt that being busy was a badge of honor, and the harder I worked the happier I would become.


What strangely enough totally contradicts how I lived my life most successful and fulfilled and why I started my rebranding process to guide women at a crossroads to clarify what they want, come home to themselves, and grow a sustainable business around their soul gifts.


How wrong I was. Instead of feeling accomplished, I found myself cranky and tired. I was overwhelmed with tasks I didn’t want to do, and so one day, I decided I would not go back to the hustle and bustle of trying to optimize a perfect existence that was, at the end of the day, making me frustrated.

Coaching Women to Their Dreams

In order to return from this state of frustration, I went deep within and checked with myself from a place of beautiful calmness and serenity. What was it about this sensation that filled me with compassion and joy? How could I embody this sensation in my everyday life & Business again? The more I dived into these deeper questions, the more out of alignment with my goals I felt.


I realized that in being productive and busy, there was no satisfaction if the resulting goal was not aligned with my values and beliefs. The answer was shockingly clear: I needed fewer distractions. I needed less outside noise and distractions, less advice, and more connection and coming home to myself.


So, over the last month, I have scaled way back in all things tech-related and feel confident and connected with my beloved clients again. I also save a little extra each month on fixed costs, and you know what all works perfectly again.


Once I came back to my own wisdom I noticed how invaluable this part of me was, I attuned to the vibration that I wanted to create. After all, we know ourselves the best, and can only answer to ourselves what it is that we most truly desire and wish to accomplish.


When we listen to too much outside contradictive advice and follow what we think we ought to do - not what we wish to do - we fall out of alignment.


What always shows up how we feel, act,

and how much money we draw into our lives.


This made me think of a lovely client of mine. And here beautiful transformative experience.

A Glass-Ceiling Shattering Breakthrough

When I met Doris, she was in the midst of a divorce and had to hold up a part-time job on the side, and still, there was just not enough money coming in. She had been in business for 14 years, is amazing at what she does, yet was stuck. She has done all of the things you are “supposed to do,” - marketing, training, adding onto her services to enhance and continually improve them. But what she was “supposed to do” wasn’t what she needed to grow.


Doris felt burned out and overwhelmed. So we started to work together to look into her inner landscape, the hidden treasures and restrictions, and to see if we could bring her back to her full potential.


We chatted about her family money paradigm and her income glass ceiling. What really stood out was that deep down she never felt enough. She had this subconscious belief that she wasn’t aware at the time that she has to work so hard.


How could she create a life where her efforts paid off if she did not feel worth it? As we dove deeper into all of this, she was able to release it, and everything changed.   


More clients started to flow in, and she was able to quit her part-time job. We restructured her offerings, so they reflected more of her talents and gifts. This brought more fulfillment to her and by the time the financial year was over, she tripled her income!


She kept telling me this can’t be true; massage therapists aren't supposed to earn this kind of money. Yet she did, and her clients are so happy to continue to refer her further and book her again.


And the best of all is she did no marketing whatsoever. All she did was discover and address her own inner story about what truly was holding her back.

Coming Home to Yourself

The lesson I wish to share with you is that your inner window and self-connection tops everything. If you listen to too much noise, you may not hear your own voice. If you start to feel lost, disconnected, or feel a craving to fill in this void, (impulsive shopping, endless social media scrolling and always being busy are just coping mechanisms we use to distract ourselves from these empty feelings)I invite you to stop and to look within.


I have found this to be so incredibly profound and impactful in my life that I have created a special masterclass to help other women like you find their own home within.


Once you are open and receptive to your own voice, you will no longer struggle with asking, “What should I do,” or “Why do I feel this way?” You’ll instead hear clarity and the voice within telling you what to do to bring calmness and alignment into your life.


What I love most about this masterclass is that it will teach you the 5 steps you need to take to realign with your true self and build a sustainable business around your soul gift. This is a limited seating, virtual class, so if you feel like this is right for you, I encourage you to sign up now and commit to yourself.


Reply to your invitation at


My clients’ reconnection to self, slowing down so that they can see the path to their dream lives. Success becomes aligned to their values, and not to other people’s definitions of success. The beauty of this is that every time we allow ourselves to slow down things start to flow, my clients are surprised how much more effortlessly their goals start to fall into place.


I can’t wait to see you on the inside.




P.S Results may and should vary. What success you see should be measured by your own yardstick, not what other people tell you. I want to help you create the life of your dreams by coaching you in my life-altering masterclass. Please RSVP now at

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