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Are You Struggling with this?


Deconditioning Your Subconscious Mind


A lot of people talk about mindset, positive affirmations, and visualization to create the life they want. After some time, they moan that they’ve tried it and it didn’t work. It gets a bad rap.


Here is the thing, you have to decondition yourself first, so you can use all these beautiful tools effectively. As long as your subconscious mind is running the show and you’re not aware of it, there won't be lasting change. You may be able to manifest a new car and then you have lots of repairs to pay for, or money ends up just flowing through your fingers again. It just doesn't stick, because it can’t, as long as your subconscious programming runs the show.


You need to become aware of what's going on in your subconscious mind, so you can shift and change your life for good, and not just create another short term fix.


Start to observe your thoughts and what you say on a regular base. Have a child-like curiosity. No judgments. Just get curious.


What's happening in my life?

What sentences do I repeatedly say out loud or to myself?


Becoming aware of how you talk to yourself when nobody is listening is the most crucial part. The sad truth is often we speak to ourselves way worse than we ever would to someone else.


You need to be aware of what's playing in your mind. You may think you’re saying positive affirmations, are mindful, and in general are doing all the “right” things all day when you might be nitpicky with yourself. The first step is to slow down and notice what you’re thinking and saying out loud.


The easiest way to transform your subconscious mind is to have someone guiding you through the process. We are not aware of our shadows. It doesn't mean we can't discover and overcome them ourselves, it just means it usually takes us many years to discover and overcome them without support. It's a lot easier having an outside experienced person to help us uncover and decondition our minds a lot quicker.


Here are some tips to get you started on your deconditioning journey, so you can create the business and life you dream of in more alignment.


Be consciously curious. Ask the people around you to catch you when you’re thinking a negative or not aligned thought and come up with a consequence that will stop you from doing it. For example, my client pays her daughter $5 when she catches her saying something negative. It helped her become more and more aware of her programming, and now often she catches herself before she says things out loud, so she can choose more positive thoughts and actions.


For me, I love organic dark chocolate. At home, I can't stop eating it. My hubby hides it and I find it anyway. If my boys notice that I'm eating more than one bar of chocolate, they get a prize. So, of course, they try to catch me. This makes me aware of my habits and stops me in my own tracks so I can choose to eat something more nourishing.


If we have someone around us (kids are amazing) to catch us doing whatever's not serving us, it’s so helpful. Then we can decondition ourselves quicker as we expand our awareness and make empowering choices.


The subconscious mind often can't deal with it alone and says, "nothing is working!" and goes into negativity. When the subconscious mind slows down and is quiet, it will give us new ideas and thoughts. It's a beautiful way we can start to change our behavior.


I like to rephrase things. If I have the feeling or urge to say, “It's not working.” I'll rephrase it as, “It's not working YET.” See the difference? Rephrasing statements gives the subconscious mind something to work towards.


This also counts for feelings. If we feel a certain way doesn't serve us and we notice this, we can shift it into a more aligned feeling by doing things we love and bring us joy.


It takes time to decondition your mind. By slowing down and noticing the turning pieces in the machine, you can unravel them, and replace them with stronger parts that serve you. Then we can rediscover new aligned ways of being.


Resting is a crucial part of receiving abundance. If we're always hustling, we're saying that we're not worthy yet to receive abundance. Giving ourselves permission to rest is sometimes the most productive thing to do and gives us the opportunity to discover what lies underneath all of our experiences.


Commit yourself to slow down, so you can finally speed up in creating your dream life. Even if it is just a few minutes a day to start out with.




P.S. If you feel the calling to get to the bottom of what’s holding you back much quicker and   like to work with me (either 1:1 or in my upcoming group coaching program), you can book a Heart-to-Heart Call with me to talk about your business life and goals, clarify what support you need, and explore which of my offerings would be most helpful.

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