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Why Your Finances and Close Relationships go Hand in Hand

Have you ever wondered why you are the one who gives and gives, and it’s so hard for you to receive, love, money, joy?


80% of us subconsciously feel abandoned by our Mothers. You may ask yourself why is this relevant? The reason is simple and yet profound. As long as we subconsciously feel this way, we’re not in a place of deserving to get paid more money, or fully receive deep love.


As you are not in a place of deserving, you always search for more—more money, more love from your partner, more joy, more of everything, and feel like you're missing out.


You can have the most loving Mom in the world—yet, she couldn’t be there for you 24/7 as a child. By the age of 5 or 6, you probably felt abandoned deep down in your core essence. As if, you weren’t fully satisfied and there was just something missing. This is called the Mother-Child Bond Break.

This feeling of abandonment will show up in your relationships and in relationship with your money.

It’ll often look like this—every time money comes in, it always seems to go right back out. You never get ahead financially, because you keep searching for the nurturing and security you craved from your Mom, so you could feel fulfilled and save.


It can also show up in a romantic partner who doesn’t give as much to you as you give to them. Or in friends who take and take, and you give and give, and end up feeling deflated like a balloon. This always reflects in our money sooner or later as well.


And will most always reflect in your physical body and the feeling of emptiness.


The root cause of this is that you don’t feel worthy to receive money and love. Subconsciously feeling safe and receiving abundantly seems IMPOSSIBLE. This is a big issue, since it’s exhausting to live paycheck to paycheck, never being able to feel fully safe in your life.


Do you think you have a Mother-Child Bond Break?


Watch this video and I’ll guide you through an exercise to confirm it.

Our mothers are the first ones who take care of us and nourish us, so we have the deep need to feel fully supported by our Moms.

But if there’s been a break in the bond between you and your mother between the time you were born to about 5 years old (even if you’re not conscious of it), it can create a feeling that you're not deserving of money or love, deep down in your core.


You’ll start to build awareness if you feel uncomfortable, not cared for, or like you want to move away from your mother. All of these are signs that you have a mother-child bond break (which over 80% of people do, so you likely do, too).


This is something that needs to be addressed, so you can be ready to receive more loving deep relationships, money, and abundance.


How do you deal with this? Ask yourself, "What do I need to feel fully supported by my mom so this deep wound can heal?"


Email me and let me know. I’m listening.




P.S. When you book a Heart-to-Heart Call, you’ll know exactly how to break through this Mother-Child Block, and walk away with 1) clarity, 2) an action plan, and 3) piece of mind.

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