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Fill Your Own Cup First to Raise Your Vibration and Create a Business and Life You Love

If we were having this conversation 12 months from now, what would need to happen from now until then for you to be able to say, “2019 was my absolute best year?”


Oh, I love how you’re thinking!


You’re in for a treat, because brighter days are on the way. Let my client story surprise you.


If you’ve ever worked 1:1 with me, you know the process I take my clients through is transformational.


There is one client who is very close to my heart.


She was afraid of most possibilities and felt very strongly that she couldn’t make it. She thought she had to push to get more clients instead of raising her rates. We worked through a lot together. Pulling away old, crusty ways of thinking. Starting new rituals to embody who she was becoming.


As a result, she started to feel safe in her body, was able to create a fully aligned offer and package, and started charging 5X more for her work. Now she attracts clients who are fully aligned with her and she truly enjoys working with. Her clients happily pay her new rate, because they achieve a much deeper outcome.


She’s now experiencing the JOY of drawing money in that matches what she has to offer.


I worked with her on her next big piece last Saturday, here is what she shared with me:


Corin! I can feel my body and hear what it’s telling me to do. When I follow my body wisdom, I know how to make decisions and feel excited about what the future brings.  I’m no longer afraid to be who I am and my clients are total rockstars! It’s amazing!


In my new audio, I share more of her story and highlight a common mistake that we all make when building a heart-centered business.


Thanks to this amazing soul, I got to witness the power of teaching a beautiful lesson. It will instantly raise your energy.


Our Habits Have a Profound Effect on Our Energy

Start to notice what you say and how you’re talking to yourself in your own mind. And how this feels in your body. Every word and phrase feels different in our body. It’s about starting to listen to how they feel — what words are actually nourishing us and what words are depleting us.


The second she told me she was in fear, I could feel my stomach drop. I could feel her energy sink, too, even though she lives on a different continent than me and we talked over a zoom call.


Concepts like I’m afraid, or I don’t think I can earn this much money without pushing to find more clients have power over your energy. I pointed out that her words carried a different kind of energy — a lower vibration. In the past, I asked how those ideas made her feel in her body and she said anxious, scared, empty, and sad.

Our Energy Can Weaken Us or Strengthen Us

Our habits and beliefs create our reality. They reflect in everything around us and in what’s happening to us. Once we start to own our “mistakes,” how we talk and create new habits that are in alignment with our values, we get to a place that we desire to be in our life and business.


In order to raise your vibration, it’s SO important to fill up your own cup first. What does that mean?


It means doing things that bring you joy and give you energy back, so you feel more ALIVE and WELL.

How to Fill Your Own Cup

We’re overloaded with external messages of how to live our lives. We’ve lost connection to our body wisdom due to our demanding, busy lives. The first step is to stop overthinking. Simply close your eyes and feel the space around your heart. Deeply inhale and exhale a few times and drop into your body, and start to notice what is going on and how you feel about certain things in your life.

The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself Everyday

What do I need to do to feel my best today? Your body will answer right away. Always listen to the first thing that comes to mind as this is your body wisdom talking to you the second thing that comes to mind is usually your subconscious or your ego telling you what to do, so you’d like to stay away from this. The more you listen and honor your body’s requests, the deeper you’ll tap into a universal consciousness of support. More guidance will come to you and you’ll always know what your next right step is when you ask your heart what it needs.


A few ways to fill up your cup:

  • Drink green juice

  • Walk in nature

  • Connect with a friend

  • Take a supplement you feel drawn too

  • Eat a special meal that is calling you


There's no one-size-fits-all way to fill your own cup. We're so plugged into our phones that we forgot how to listen to ourselves. Each morning, connect deeply to your  body and ask, “What can I do today to feel my absolute best?”



Take note.

Say thank you.

Do the thing.


I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves when we strip the layers of our life long conditioning. When you start to listen to your body wisdom by taking steps to go within and raise your vibration to a higher frequency, you’ll be able to draw in the abundance you desire. It's more than money. You're not abundant if you have a lot of money and feel sick. It's a desire to be rich with health, happiness, friendship, love, laughter, and purpose. Money is a bonus to living your life, your way.


Spiritual people can often be airy-fairy and love to meditate (well, I love to meditate too), BUT they're often not embodied. They wonder why their high vibe doesn’t last. You have to dig deep and face uncomfortable things sometimes to create lasting change. The Universe always provides and you have to grow into your next best version of self to receive all fully with ease and flow.

Inspire Others by Inspiring Yourself

If you feel called to become a true heart-centered entrepreneur or are finally ready to scale your business from the inside out, then check out the NEW Aligned Business Upgrade! It’s a soulful process that helps you claim your vision, create aligned offers and packages that are uniquely you, and what the market really wants from you, and embody a strong sense of confidence for gigantic abundance. All by feeling good in your body and having self-care practices in place that serve you and connect you to your highest goal aligned with your values.


Rather than pushing for business, you’ll learn how to take aligned action with your body. You’ll experience a shift inside you and gain confidence to build the true fundamental pieces of your business so it’s easily scalable and sustainable.


Your intention and action will pay off. The right people will come on your path. Doors will open. Opportunities will flash on your screen. You’ll inspire others by inspiring yourself.

Aligned Business Upgrade

This 8-week course has high-quality video and audio recordings of me guiding you to take aligned action. You’ll get a workbook every two weeks, so you have time to go through it. Near the end, you’ll hop on a private 60-minute Zoom call with me. You’re going to have questions. This call is great too:

  • Quickly address any funky thoughts around health, wealth, money, and business

  • Get feedback on your progress

  • Do a guided process together

  • Fine tune what the market really wants from you and scale

What You’ll Learn in this Transformative Training:


Lesson One: Get clear on where you are now, and where you’d like to be, so you can put everything into motion for your aligned business.
Lesson Two: Move through resistance when all too often, we hear that we need to use xyz tool or take action to create the business we love, but if we haven’t changed our own inner story and have resistance, nothing will change. No matter what kind of tools and action steps you’re taking, it will not bring you the success and money we desire with our business, because you don’t fully believe it’s possible. Or success will come with a big price tag where we overwork and our relationships or health suffers greatly.
Lesson Three: Self-Care Rituals are a crucial step to feel good in your body. Learn to fill your own cup first, so you can show up fully, boldly, and facilitate the amazing things you’ve come here to do. You and our clients will get the amazing results that were meant for us all along.
Lesson Four: Get really clear on your ideal client who you’d love to support. Learn how you can connect with them, so they hear you, see you, and love to book you. In short: How to Attract Aligned Clients.
Lesson Five: Creating Your Aligned Offer will show you clearly what the market wants from you that is both fulfilling work and sustains your business. This tool alone is an absolute game changer, so you can create offers that sell easily where you don't have to waste precious time, money, and energy on offers that won’t bring you a return. It’s priceless!
Lesson Six: Learn how to create your perfect curriculum that bring your clients the results they desire over and over again. It leads to happy clients who refer you to their friends and book you again!
Lesson Seven: Aligned Sales Calls that give true value, convert, and are not salesy.
Lesson Eight: Aligned Client Care to create happy clients who refer you to their colleagues and book you again.


My Best Bonus Yet

I’m offering a new bonus when you join with a friend and you both pay in full. It’s called the Quantac Assessment and Support, which you can do online or on a Zoom call from your home when you join with a friend.


Quantec is a device that works on a quantum physics level and can help to shift things and make it even easier for you to create the successful business you crave as long as it’s for the highest good for all.


This can look like:

- Radiant health and vitality

- Your sales skyrocket

- Your business grows with speed and grace

- Your next ideal relationship knocks on your door

- You sleep like a baby


This assessment and 3 months of support is valued at $320 USD and it’s FREE when you enroll in Business Aligned Upgrade with a friend and you both pay in full.

Wow, that’s a lot of greatness in one course!

You’ll walk away from this course with clear next steps to create an aligned 6-figure business.


This isn’t a huge course with tons of videos and workbooks that you won’t finish. It’s an opportunity to embody your highest potential, so you can feel calmer in your body and bank account. Having the true fundamental pieces in place are key to creating a heart-centered business you love.


You can pay upfront, one payment of two thousand USD (one payment of three thousand NZD). Or pay two monthly payments of one thousand two hundred USD (two monthly payments of one thousand seven hundred thirty NZD).

"I highly recommend working with Corin if you feel stuck in your practice or your life. Corin is one of the most amazing, kind, knowledgeable and healing women that I have had the opportunity to work with. When I had my first phone consultation with her, I cried because I felt like she understood my frustration with my life and my practice. I also felt that she could help me. After that phone call, I decided to work with her. A month later, I reached my client goal for the month. I have been in practice for 2 years and have never reached my goal. Corin has been invaluable in my growth at this time. I highly recommend working with her if you feel stuck in your practice or your life. She is a wonderful, and in my case, a necessary support."

- Shannon P. DOM, L.Ac., CMTA, New Mexico Santa Fe


Enrollment and the Quantec bonus expire on August 15, 2019, at 11:59 pm EST. If you’re a heart-centered entrepreneur, don’t wait. I made this course just for you.


"Quantec support through Corin was incredible. When I first came to her I had suffered from a year of terrible sleep. You know how awful this can make you feel. After the first session, I slept! I have more stability and inner peace. Quantec support makes life a lot more relaxed and enjoyable."

-Isa H., Germany


Click here to lock in your spot.


Need help ordering or have a question for my team? Email us here.


I am so looking forward to connecting with you and supporting you in creating a business and life you love!



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