About - Corin Hinderegger.com

Hi there, Corin here!

It's so nice to meet you.

I’m a transformational coach and medical intuitive

and I’m here to help you do things

DIFFERENTLY in mind, body, and soul.

Over 18 years of working with clients has taught me again and again that our bodies have the answers we’re looking for.


We just don’t know how to listen.


Your body knows how to triple your income.

Your body knows how to achieve optimum health.

Your body knows how to calm down and enjoy life.


But we’re so busy bossing our bodies around that we don’t know HOW to actually tune in and listen.


You are more powerful than you know


You’re a smart, strong, and highly skilled woman.

You’re a listener. A feeler. A confidant. You’re the friend that everyone wants to talk to to get your insight.

And you’re a dreamer… or at least you used to be. Right now, you feel like you actually can’t have it all and something has to give.

The truth is, you’re feeling burnt out.

And while you know it will eventually pass, you’re ready for it to shift NOW.

You know you’re meant to feel expansive and abundant. You know you’re meant for MORE.

And you’ve landed on this page because NOW is the time to reconnect with your power, get into flow, and enjoy the abundance that life has to offer.

I’m here to help you do that.

As a child, I always felt different. I didn’t know it at the time but I was highly intuitive and could see physical issues in people before they were even aware of them. As a teenager, I found family constellation therapy, which gave me some answers, but I was still hungry to learn more.

My curiosity led me to study naturopathy and then through a slew of other certifications that gave me deep insights about my gifts, I gained an incredible amount of knowledge about different healing modalities that I still use today with my clients.

I learned that working on the physical level was not enough. In order to create lasting transformation, we need to create change at the level of the mind-body connection and the individual’s soul. The work that evolved creates lasting change on every level of being.

But as I started to grow my practice, things felt off. I had a beautiful baby boy, but I was working so much that I started to feel very jaded. Working for money to pay the bills, to live in the house to pay the bills; it was a cycle we couldn’t escape.


The joy just wasn’t there and my partner (now soulmate husband) saw what was happening and decided to take us on a holiday.

During that trip, I came back to life. I knew I had to make some changes.



So, a few months later, we packed up our lives (horse and all) and moved to New Zealand. (Yes, when I want something, I take ACTION!)

I continued my studies and learned everything I could about healing, taking what resonated and leaving the rest. As I continued on my journey in this new space, everything changed. I studied different coaching modalities like NLP and EFT and noticed that with my gift of seeing I was able to fast-track results and transformation for my clients. As I combined all of my trainings and gifts together, magic started to happen.

I found that the more I applied my gifts and knowledge, the more money FLOWED. AND my clients

were having similar results. Q U A N T U M   C H A N G E S   W E R E   H A P P E N I N G.

My job is to help you get back into alignment

so you feel the magic again, too.

We will access your body, mind, and spirit in dynamic ways, supporting you to feel and see abundance everywhere.

Transformation doesn’t have to be hard.

Transformation doesn’t have to take forever.

Transformation is here for you if you’re ready for it NOW.


The only question is: are you ready?