Corin Hinderegger  - Corin

Your soul is calling you home...

will you answer?

You are more powerful than you know.

You’re a smart, strong, and highly skilled woman.

You’re a listener. A feeler. A confidant. You’re the friend that everyone wants to talk to to get your insight. Sometimes you just feel like you don’t have anyone to deeply connect and honestly talk to.

And you’re a dreamer… or at least you used to be. Right now, you feel like you actually can’t have it all and something has to give.




You know you’re meant to feel expansive and abundant. You know you’re meant for MORE.


And you’ve landed on this page because NOW is the time to

reconnect with your power, get into flow, and enjoy the abundance that life has to offer.

"Because of my work with Corin, I was able to let go of old family stories around money and freedom. I feel more valuable, healthier and more powerful than ever. I've doubled my income goals, I now only work 4 hours a day and love what I do. And what can I say it works!

This year alone since working with Corin I have already taken a few vacations and enjoy my life to the fullest and all this is great fun for me!!"

- Gitti B. Beauty & Holistic Therapist, Austria



Working with Corin has been life-changing for me. I remember when I first spoke to her, tears ran down my face. I had a sense that what she offered was just what I needed. My business and my life opened after that decision. Corin's intuition, wisdom, empathy, and skill set is unlike any I have come across. She is always fully present and deeply committed to her work. I have grown exponentially. I dare say that I could not have done it without her. She helped me to see things about myself that I could not see. I really never imagined that I would feel so full as a person in my business and my life. I know that my work with Corin was just the soil, sunshine, and water that I needed to step into the life that I have now. I'm so grateful.


- Shannon P. DOM, L.Ac., CMTA New Mexico Santa Fe



"I don’t think I could ever recommend working with Corin highly enough!! I was concerned that the time zone difference would be a challenge as I am in the US and you have made it work I don’t know how it is to work with you in person but working with you this way over zoom has been an amazing experience and

I could not recommend Corin highly enough to anyone that wants to do any of this work!"

- Carrie K., Soft Skill Trainer and Angel card reader, Connecticut USA


Hi, I’m Corin Hinderegger,



I bring clarity and flow to successful women who are at a crossroads in their life, so they can embody their soul’s purpose and come home within while they claim their definition of abundance, joy and freedom.

My holistic health background allows you to feel better in your body as you reconnect to your inner wisdom. It is YOUR unique inner voice that paves the way to your next income level and fulfillment with ease instead of struggle and moves you permanently out of scarcity and into abundance.


The truth is, your soul’s purpose is telling your body exactly what you need to do, to up-level, you just have to learn how to listen.


You know you’re on this planet for a reason.

Let’s align your health and abundance so that it can drop in.



How would it feel like for you to…

Serve your clients better and impact more people

Have more clarity, less complexity and overwhelm

Experience lightness and energy in your life

Have relationships that are much deeper and more fulfilling

Feel more connected and living your soul's purpose

Speak your truth and be more your true self

Uncover the next best version of yourself and truly come home to her

Feel more in sync and in tune with the flow of life

Create more abundance financially and ways that mean most to you

Gain more awareness and understand how to support yourself to feel your best in your body

Feel more joy in your life


We all deserve a fulfilled life. Once we discover our core drivers and we rewire our belief systems, everything becomes easier. The flow and ease become inherent, life is more abundant, live-able and joy is bountiful.


Transformation doesn’t have to be hard.

Transformation doesn’t have to take forever

Transformation is here for you if you’re ready for

I Invite you to claim your soul’s purpose and truly come home within, learn more here.